Protected: The Shoes on Fung Yuen Road

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Effectiveness of Hong Kong’s ‘3-3-4 Education Reform’: A Policy Evaluation

A major education reform in Hong Kong finally saw its implementation in September 2000, after a series of deliberations and public consultations between and among key stakeholders spanning 10 years. The reform overhauls the system from pre-primary education to university. It is officially known as the New Senior Secondary Curriculum (NSSC), but it is popularly…

The willing victims of the ‘lumpiang ubod’

When I asked what they could serve for a gathering in the office this afternoon, Nico of the Silliman Cafeteria, without batting an eyelash,  suggested: “lumpiang ubod”! Of course, I knew what it was; but that for an afternoon snack got my intestines tangled up. Nico was adamant though. “Lumpiang ubod it is then.” No…